With the introduction on an Airbus A350 cockpit simulator, Lufthansa Flight Training will be expanding its range of training courses at the end of the year to include another type of aircraft.

Scheduled for winter 2016, operators of the new long-haul jet will have access to a full flight simulator for the A350-900 in accordance with the Airbus Standard 1.0 at the Lufthansa Flight Training Center in Munich. As a result, LFT also supports the introduction of the new type of aircraft at Lufthansa, which will incorporate the Airus A350 into its fleet at the end of 2016.

The training device is being built by TRU Simulation + Training in Montreal, Canada, and will obtain level D certification in accordance with the EASA CS-FSTD(A) standards and, if necessary, FAA Part 60. A Rockwell Collins EP-8000 image generation system projects the image. The A350 simulator will intitially be able to reproduce 20 airports as well as all of the malfunctions recommended by Airbus for the A350 trianing courses.

In addition to the A350, LFT customers will also have access to two full flight simulators for the Airbus A320 and another for the Airbus A330/A340-600 at the Lufthansa Flight Training Center in Munich.