Novair Airlines has announced the signing of a long-term agreement with the Inflight Institute to provide online training, tracking and consulting services.

Over the past four years remarkable advancements have been made with the assistance of the Inflight Institute in the areas of program development, regulatory compliance tracking and ensuring a high level of knowledge saturation for Novair's cabin crew and pilots. The new deal not only consists of courseware development but the integration of course expiry tracking which assists the airline in ensuring regulatory compliance, quality assurance and crew tracking accuracy.

"The process of working with the Inflight Institute has been instrumental in cutting costs and improving training quality," said Captain Johan Bostrom, director of Flight Operations for Novair. "The integration of the Inflight Institute system has been seamless and provides savings in time and money."

The further integration of the Inflight Institute's regulatory compliance feature, coupled with its ability to track training has become an integral piece of the Novair training system.