ALSIM has announced the sale of an FNPT II ALX simulator to Airpull Aviation Academy, E-ATO-101 located in Valencia, Spain. The simulator, bi-motor and medium jet, will help the school with its JOC training.

Javier S. García Sanz, Airpull Aviation Academy Head of Training, explained why the school selected ALSIM's ALX: "As Airpull Aviation Academy Head of Training, I chose Alsim for its good reputation and the company's vast experience in producing high quality flight simulators. The ALX simulator is the right product for us: it is versatile, as you can have several aircraft in only one device, this is essential in today's market allowing us to offer a complete training solution, from single engine, twin engine, turboprop and a jet like the A320."

Airpull Aviation Academy has nine aircraft in their fleet: single engine (Cessna 172 N, Cessna 172 - Glass Cockpit Garmin 1000, Piper Warrior PA 28-161 IFR), twin engine like the Piper Seneca I PA-34 200 IFR. There will be three more aircraft in September, added to this new FNPT II flight simulator.