Pilot Flight Academy has set up a cooperation with the Cockpit Association of Norway and the foundation FIRST Scandinavia, awarding scholarships for study starting in January 2017.

Frode Granlund, CEO of Pilot Flight Academy, explained that the background for this scholarship project is the situation of an increasing pilot shortage, together with falling numbers of applicants to pilot education. Pilot Flight Academy wishes to attract the best qualified candidates into aviation, and will therefore be supporting applicants with high score admission tests.

Yngve Karsen, leader of the Cockpit Association of Norway (NF), supports the scholarship project, and said: "There will be a demand for more than 100,000 new pilots in Europe in the next 20 years, and it is important that we attract the best qualified candidates to choose a pilot education. NF wishes to contribute to raise the number of applicants to the pilot profession."

At the same time the Federation of Norwegian Aviation Industries carried out a recruitment project to increase the interest for education within the education sector. Leader Torbjørn Lothe said that there is a high future demand for employees in the Norwegian aviation industry.