Resource Group has launched new eLearning products for flight crew, including a brand new UPRT course which complies with the latest EASA groundschool requirements.

The flight crew courses which are now available and have been developed to meet all applicable requirements, include Upset Prevention Recovery Training (UPRT) theory; Dangerous Goods Awareness (DGA) for 'No Carry' operators; Minimum Navigation Performace Specification NAT HLA (MNPS); Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM); and Summer and Winter Operations (SWOPS).

It is planned to develop an initial 18 flight crew specific courses for the open market. In addition to these new courses Resource Group has also developed a number of highly customised aircraft specific SOP and SEP courses for operators of corporate and VIP aircraft where each aircaft has a customised and individual cabin configuration.

All courses have been developed to be SCORM compliant allowing organisations with an existing LMS to buy access to courses that are then hosted on their own Learning Management System (LMS).