Sikorsky and the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) have celebrated the transfer of an S-76A helicopter maintenance trainer to the Saskatchewan Aviation Learning Centre.

Valued at C$1.3 million (US$945,000) the non-flying, twin-engine helicopter with associated equipment and documentation provides an important learning tool for students pursing a career in aviation maintenance.

The maintenance trainer consists of a Sikorsky S-76A twin-engine helicopter recently retired from flight status, along with supporting hardware to keep the trainer functioning. This includes equipment to move and provide power to the trainer, and tablet-based electronic technical manuals that help students troubleshoot maintenance issues with interactive graphics. To ensure familiarization with the trainer package, Sikorsky also has provided training courses for SIIT instructors.

"The addition of the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter to our aircraft training fleet allows us to provide a greater hands-on experience to our students in a wide array of systems typical of modern helicopters," said Riel Bellegarde, SIIT president and CEO. "Our students will ultimately benefit in the workforce by gaining early first-hand knowledge of the inspection, maintenance, and repair of a fully rigged helicopter, including its electronic, mechanical, and hydraulic systems."