Britannica Knowledge Systems' latest version of its flagship product, the Fox Training Management System (Fox 8.02.06), contains a new breakthrough pilot training scheduling management function as part of Fox's Optimization Engine.

This feature, which identifies opportunities for multiple crews to simulataneously use a single resource, delivers newfound efficiency in instructor time and training resource utilization for significant cost savings.

Airline pilot continuing qualification and refresher training is generally conducted in pairs, training a pilot and first officer together in such devices as full flight simulators on a certain fleet. However, some training can be shared by crews and executed in larger groups. These include cross-fleet instruction in areas such as emergency training, security activities, and ground training.

The optimization engine supports airline training schedulers and planners by automatically finding the crews that can be linked together in order to share resources between events. This is more reliable and efficient than a manual process. Fox also flexible allows the training schedulers and planners to manually merge specific events and link them. Both actions decrease training expenses by filling classrooms to capacity, improving device utilization, and maximizing instructor time.