Customer pilots have performed on-site acceptance testing of Reiser Simulation and Training's new full flight simulator for the Airbus H145 platform.

Multiple missions covering the broad spectrum of challenging HEMS operations during day and night were conducted daily in order to prove the maturity of the company's new FFS product line, and more importantly the H145 platform simulation.

Reiser's H145 FFS was built to meet EASA, FAA and ICAO Level D compliancy with maximum modularity for simple maintenance and flexible cockpit reconfigurations. The simulator has 6 DoF electric motion and vibration system, a direct projection dome display 240° x 80° with dual channel LED projectors.The intuitive on-board IOS with briefing, debriefing and scenario creation functionalitiess allows the instructor to focus on the student. With the worldwide database including customer specific high resolution insets, several Level D compliant airports and more than 25,000 generic airports paired with computer generated airborne, ground, naval and human entities as well as a detailed street network with moving traffic.