In 2016 Flight Training Europe (FTEJerez) announced a new partnership agreement with OSM Aviation. In terms of this agreement, OSM/Norwegian Airlines and FTEJerez jointly selected FTE's graduates to fly as First Officers for OSM's largest client, Norwegian Airlines.

Since the announcement in 2016 some 14 FTEJerez graduates have joined Norwegian Airlines and are currently flying for the airline. Following on the success of the programme thus far, FTEJerez is proud to announce that a joint OSM/FTEJerez Mentored Cadet Pilot Programme will be launched during March 2017.

Successful candidates' journey towards becoming a qualified Boeing 737 pilot with OSM Aviation and Norwegian will begin in the autumn of 2017 at FTE's campus in Jerez de la Frontera, Southern Spain.

Lise Lunding, director Training at OSM Aviation Group commented: "At OSM Aviation we are very pleased to launch our 2017 OSM Aviation Mentored Cadet Program in cooperation with FTE Jerez. The flight school has undergone OSM Aviation's compliance and best practice audit and qualified for training cadets to enter OSM Aviation and fly for our largest client Norwegian after graduating. Through our partnership with FTEJerez we wish to ensure the continued availability of professional well-trained pilots for Norwegian and their Boeing 737 fleet."