The Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation (JAA TO) has been elected as a Member of the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Steering Committee (TPSC) for the period from 2017 to 2019.

The election was amongst the Full Members and Regional Training Centres of Excellence (RTCE) of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme. With 49 votes, JAA TO is the third most voted training organisation, right after the Singapre Aviation Academy (SAA) and the East African School of Aviation (EASA).

JAA TO has been a member of the TPSC since its inception. This recognition enables JAA TO to continue to support and contribute to the development and progress of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP), and propels JAA TO's mission to project its activities as leading RTCE and provider of highest quality regulatory aviation courses, represent the EUR-NAT region and seek cooperation among all members of the TPP in the interest of Aviation Safety and for the merits of training competent professionals.

The ICAO TPSC is composed of 14 Members and has an advisory role to ICAO, offering guidance and advice on the development and improvement of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme. Elections are held every three years.