Digital aviation publishers, Padpilot, have launched the first in a series of new interactive learning apps for ATPL ground school students.

Each hands-on learning app (or 'Learning Core') is designed to teach one element of the more visual aspects of the Airline Transport Pilot Licence theoretical knowledge syllabus, and features technology and graphics from the gaming industry to demonstrate subject matter visually - and interactively - as a complement to traditional text-based training manuals.

Padpilot's first iPad Learning Core to be released is 'Gas Turbines', which teaches the design, construction and function of a modern triple spool gas turbine engine as part of the syllabus for the EASA ATPL (A) Engines exam. At the heart of the app is a 3D model of a gas turbine engine, based on the Rolls Royce Trent 1000. The engine can be moved around any axis while individual components can be revealed and hidden and elements such as the individual spools, thrust reversers and variable inlet guide vanes can be animated.

A corresponding 'Teaching Core' for Gas Turbines was released earlier this year. Designed for classroom use by instructors, all Teaching Cores will be 'holo-ready' and when holographic technology matures sufficiently, the cores can be easily updated to drive holographic displays of 3D models up to life-size and beyond.