Adaptive learning company Drillster made WATS 2017 the launch venue for the new location-based learning function in the company's eponymous learning application.

With a tagline of "smart learning, better retention", the Drillster app is designed to help the learner retain more of what they learn, rather than just at recurrent training times, explained the company's CEO Marco van Sterkenburg.

"It can reduce the time required for training," he noted. "The University of Utrecht studied Drillster's use and found that learners had 10% more information retention while using 40% less study time."

The location-based learning tool uses i-beacons which recognises the Drillster app on any nearby smartphone, which then receives an update. Thus a learner can pick up new information wherever they are and continue their learning during any free time, whether on-site or when travelling.