Q4 Services, LLC has introduced the Q4 DirectVue dome display to its set of products.

With a continuous, spherical rigid display, DirectVue’s dome display provides a high-quality, immersive training environment that is easily transportable, designed for both single doorway access and use in a classroom setting.

The baseline display product is supplied with a fully integrated 3-channel high definition projection system, as well as a warping and blending solution that provides a sharp, bright, and immersive 200 x 45 degree wrap around spherical image. It has built-in height adjustment to accommodate a range of training device eye points.

In terms of size, the DirectVue dome display has a six-foot radius and weighs approximately 300lbs. Q4 says alternative radius systems and larger field of views (FOVs) are available on request.

“The Q4 DirectVue dome display was developed to support the continuing, rapid growth of lower end, fixed base training devices that require a high-performance dome that is easily transportable to allow for entry into confined areas such as classrooms,” explained Brian Simpson, President and CEO of Q4 services. “Just as important, the Q4 DirectVue has a short manufacturing lead time, which enables our customers to benefit from a high-quality dome display at a very competitive price.”