Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS) has received an order for a B737 FTD from Jet Masterclass, with the fixed based simulator due to be installed at the latter's Training Center near London Gatwick Airport.

Frank Jukes, Managing Director of Jet Masterclass, commented, "Selecting MPS as a training partner was a very straightforward decision. Any production-based business striving for quality and efficiency will invest in the most effective tooling capability and it is our view that the MPS FTD provides that perfect combination. It operates in a class of its own - far exceeding regulatory requirements and serving as a cost-effective alternative to full motion simulation.

"Approved as an EASA FTD-1 with full wrap-around collimated visual display and worldwide LIDO database, the device provides the perfect training platform for both trainee and instructor. We are very pleased to be partnering with MPS and look forward to introducing the device to our London-based training community,” Jukes continued.

President and Founder of MPS, Dick Verburg, explained, “We are proud to deliver our type-specific B737 FTD to Jet Masterclass’ training center in the UK. We believe we can contribute to Jet Masterclass’ training program with our low-cost, high quality type-specific simulator. Jet Masterclass’ focus on quality training is a key ingredient for our successful cooperation."