Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS) is to deliver an MPS A320 FTD Fixed Base Simulator to South African aviation and travel company Comair Limited at the Comair Training Centre (CTC) in Johannesburg (pictured).

This will be the second FTD Multi Pilot Simulations has delivered to the company, after Comair received an MPS B737-NG FTD in December 2016. Both will aid the training of young pilots.

“Our B737-NG FTD has performed exceptionally well, providing our learners with a solid baseline in systems knowledge and handling skills prior to completion of the type endorsement on the full flight simulator,” commented Comair’s Manager of Commercial Operations, Captain Glen Warden. “The A320 FTD, soon to be installed in our new training wing, will also offer the same quality training to Airbus operators.

“The added versatility of being able to conduct MCC/JOC, procedural training, instrument proficiency, LOFT training and command preparation has been a huge cost-effective advantage to our product offering,” added Warden.

President and founder of MPS, Dick Verburg, stated, “We are extremely happy to expand our partnership with Comair by delivering a second FTD to their training center. We believe we can contribute to Comair’s training business and impeccable training track record. We are pleased that Comair has recognized the value of the MPS B737-NG simulator and is expanding its offering with an A320 FTD. These devices can enable the highest levels of training whilst maintaining the balance between high quality and cost effectiveness.”