Peak Pacific Limited has signed a partnership agreement with Avion Training LLC to jointly develop and deliver e-Learning modules related to Human Trafficking Awareness Training as well as offer blended training workshops and services.

According to the United Nations and the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking, more than 2 million people are victims of human trafficking every year. Globalisation – the intense flux of people, information and stock – creates great development opportunities, but also increases risks and chances of transnational organised crime.

Peak Pacific’s Founder and Group CEO, Kishor Mistry, said, “The aviation industry played a significant role in making globalisation possible. Human traffickers have likewise taken advantage of air travel, which has made it much easier for them to move victims around the world.

“Airport and airline employees need to know how to spot signs of cases of human trafficking,” Mistry continued. “Peak Pacific’s partnership with Avion Training is a very important step toward educating cabin crew members and increasing awareness of human trafficking.”

As part of its partnership, Peak Pacific and Avion Training will launch the first in a series of e-Learning modules on Human Trafficking Awareness at the Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS) in Singapore from 29-30 August 2017, with Mistry explaining, “This course will help the cabin crew understand what Human Trafficking is, why and how it happens, and what signs to look for in potential human trafficking situations.”

Sherry Saehlenou, Principal of Avion Training and member of the Cabin Safety working group of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) added, “Flight crews are skilled observers and can be the frontline against this form of modern-day slavery. With proper training, they can play a critical role in detecting and reporting this injustice.

“The course we developed with Peak Pacific also provides guidelines for cabin crew for recognising and reporting cases of suspected human trafficking incidents. I will also be continuing to stress the need for training in this area with airlines, cabin crew members, and regulatory authorities at the upcoming APATS convention.”

Saehlenou’s session in the Cabin Crew Conference titled “Eyes Wide Shut: Are We Doing Enough to Combat One of the Most Serious Human Rights Violations in Today's World?” is scheduled for 14:00 SGT on 29 August. Delegates at APATS can also learn more about the human trafficking awareness e-Learning module at booth #519.