ATP Flight School has accepted delivery of its 300th training aircraft – a factory-new Piper Archer TX – as part of a three-year agreement with Piper for the purchase of up to 100 aircraft to increase training capacity and meet the growing demand for airline pilots.

To stay ahead of the pilot shortage, ATP has expanded its network of training centres to 42 locations across the US, and has been acquiring aircraft at the rate of one new airplane per month.

In total, 80 Piper Archers have joined ATP’s fleet, which is also comprised of 100 multi-engine Piper Seminoles, making ATP the world’s largest training operator of Piper Aircraft.

All of the Archers are equipped with a Garmin G500 electronic flight deck. They are supported by over 75 multi-engine flight training devices (FTDs) and complement ATP’s similarly equipped post-2012 Seminoles.

Operated by over 700 students and nearly 300 flight instructors across ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program, the company's fleet clocks up over 15,000 flight hours per month and produced 5,200 FAA certificates each year.