Wizz Air, SmartLynx Airlines and Viet Flight Training (a subsidiary of Vietnam Airlines) are among the first airlines to access MOMook’s training management solution, which allows them to monitor pilots’ training progress in real time, through a partnership with BAA Training.

The airlines needed access to BAA Training’s software system to enhance their direct involvement in training programmes and facilitate more efficient reporting. Generally, MOMook says a training manager needs approximately 20-30 hours during one group’s training period to manually fill in all the progress reports, but that extra time is consumed by additional communication, the correction of errors and various inaccuracies. Real-time monitoring has the capability of improving this process.

“It is worth highlighting that such technological solutions help perfect the training system and eliminate risks of human error as reports are not created manually and the work is done by the system. Also, smart technology makes the work of aviation training centres easier as it saves valuable time,” comments Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO of MOMook.

According to Vaitkeviciute, direct airline contribution to the training process is vital, as being aware of the fact that airlines monitor the whole process tends to make students strive for better results.

“Undoubtedly, having access to the software system has provided us considerable benefits. It significantly increases our engagement in the training process, as we are able to monitor our students’ training at any time. We are able to get real-time data about our cadets: the amount of passed exams, the number of subjects the student is taking, students’ evaluation system or the areas a cadet-pilot could improve in. This comes as significantly beneficial solution because it allows us to do follow-ups and get a closer look at our future pilots, thus we can be sure that their knowledge and the quality of their training meet our requirements,” explains Cameron Pain, Recruitment Team Leader at SmartLynx Airlines.