The Air New Zealand Aviation Institute at Auckland International Airport is now equipped with a V7000 Brigade Cabin Fire + Smoke Trainer from Flame Aviation.

The V7000 Brigade is equipped with the same features and functionalities for fire training as the double-cabin V9000 Commander, but Air New Zealand installed the fire trainer inside its training centre, so there was no need for the adjacent observation area included with the V9000 Commander.

“We are very proud that Air New Zealand is operating the V7000 Brigade,” declared Robin Pijnaker, Managing Director of Flame Aviation. “They are training now with the most advanced fire training equipment currently available in the world.”

For online service and support, the fire trainer is connected to the internet. Additionally, Air New Zealand can rely on Flame Aviation’s technical representation based in Auckland, which currently looks after all operational fire trainers in Australia and New Zealand.

Air New Zealand says other cabin crew training equipment is planned to be installed at its Auckland International Airport facility later this year.

Ryanair and TUIfly also use Flame Aviation's V9000 Brigade solution.