Resource Group has launched Compertum, a new assessment technology aimed at providing auditable evidence of knowledge and competence for pilots and cabin crew.

The company claims Compertum is a complete digital learning and assessment solution designed to suit the needs of a geographically fragmented workforce. Using the software, assessments can be deployed worldwide, allowing staff to undertake tests at a time and place that suits their schedule.

Resource Group says Compertum meets the needs of compliance-driven industries, using sophisticated algorithms to track and measure answering behaviour. The robust analytics determined by the software will place an individual in one of four quadrants which expresses their degree of knowledge and certainty by question, allowing a decision to be made about the next steps of learning development. The result is greater insight into both people risk and progression opportunities.

Furthermore, Compertum provides the ability to track an individual’s progress over time, helping to give clear guidance on what knowledge needs to be refreshed or reinforced and ensuring confidence in Standard Operating Procedures for safe fulfilment of daily tasks. John Larkin, Resource Group’s Chairman, explained, “The development of this software adds greater insight for Heads of Training as to where training can be focused, whether that is by subject area or specific topic to target training initiatives at an individual level whilst identify company trends. We are very excited to be bringing this unique product to market and are delighted to already have air operators using the technology and realising the benefits.”

Compertum will be showcased on stand 109 at EATS 2017.