Connecticut, US-based STEMPilot has helped educators in Florida’s Pasco County create an Aviation Mobile Lab in a former school bus so students can learn aviation skills and techniques.

The Career Technical Education (CTE) Director of Pasco County, Terry Aunchman, and Brian Sawyer, who works with the Pasco County Aviation Academy (a division of CTE), contacted STEMPilot after acquiring the school bus. They requested the installation of six instructional STEMPilot Edustation flight simulators and a 3D printer that will travel to K-12 schools across the County.

“Our Edustations give elementary to high school students the physical experience of flight simulation by flying all types of aircrafts while they apply Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) principles in meaningful, project-based learning,” explained Jay LeBoff, Creator and Owner of STEMPilot. “Each completed flight plan applies geometry, algebra, physics, trigonometry, meteorology, geography and topography.

“The curriculum also includes two informational writing assignments covering family heritage and aviation history. Students learn while fulfilling N.G.S.S., Common Core and Florida, Texas and New York City educational standards.

“The Edustation comes ready to fly with the STEMPilot Flight PC, yoke, throttle, rudder controls and a 32” high definition wide-screen display.” Flight crews consisting of a pilot and co-pilot are encouraged to work together at each simulator to problem-solve. The crew rotates position after each mission, so members assess each other during a flight. Drone training software and controllers are also available as well as a variety of cockpit instruments and display scenarios.

“In preparation for a visit from the Pasco County Mobile Aviation Lab, students will be given introductory lessons to prepare them to effectively use the lab when it arrives. Via STEMPilot’s verbally-tutored simulator learning missions, each student will learn to ‘fly’ the Edustation simulator. The learning missions are linear, starting with the fundamentals of controlling flight surfaces, taxiing, take-off, and landing. As students advance they train flying more advanced missions; flying a pattern, flying cross country, flying V.O.R’s, and flying full instrument ILS approaches. The simulators are capable of flying every airfield on the planet in one of 50 aircraft all geographically and topographically correct.

“We assume teachers, have no prior aviation experience. Each simulator has 5 P.D. training videos teaching all the fundamentals needed for teachers and students. The STEMPilot curriculum, tutored missions, and worksheets teach the basics to the complex for 1st through 12thgrade students,” concluded LeBoff.