ALSIM has sold an ALX (SEP Complex, MEP, MEJ) simulator to Aeroclub di Varese, a flight school located in Venegono Inferiore, Italy.

Aeroclub di Varese’s fleet consists of fifteen directly owned aircraft. The latest acquisitions are two Tecnam P2002JF’s equipped with Rotax engines and Garmin 500 and GNT 650 avionics, chosen for their flexibility.

The Aeroclub’s teaching staff is made up of Captains, Engineers, Colonels and Surgeons. There are 140 students currently being trained, with 98 per cent having succeeded on theoretical and practical exams. In 2016, Aeroclub di Varese recorded 7000 flight hours.

Renato Nobili, Aeroclub di Varese’s President, explained, “We decided to choose ALSIM’s ALX because we think it is the best FSTD device on the market that we can use to train our students beyond the required standards to earn their PPL, CPL, ATPL and MCC/JOC. The device is highly flexible and has shown proven reliability. We have also been impressed by the excellent sales expertise and the maintenance service offered by ALSIM’s organisation.”

ALSIM also recently sold an ALX simulator to Ben Air Flight Academy.