Ab initio and advanced cadets with senior Virgin Australia management

On 30 October, Virgin Australia relaunched its cadet programme with Flight Training Adelaide (FTA).

The programme consists of two streams – one for ab initio pilots and one for individuals already holding a commercial pilot license from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

During the launch ceremony held at FTA’s facilities, Flight Training Adelaide’s CEO Pine Pienaar commented, “We are delighted to have re-launched our training partnership with Virgin Australia. We commend the airline for its commitment to giving young Australians the opportunity to achieve their dream of becoming airline pilots.

“It should be noted that Virgin Australia is the only Australian airline that is currently running two separate cadet programme streams and that speaks volumes of their commitment to the industry. I would like to publicly thank the carrier for its continued support of FTA,” Pienaar continued. Cebu Pacific recently also recently launched a cadet pilot training programme with Flight Training Adelaide.