Phase Two of the UPS/Ameriflight Gateway Programme, which allows current and future Ameriflight pilots to pursue a path to potential employment with UPS Airlines, has been agreed.

Programme participants will need to have achieved the required personal and professional development benchmarks and completed the UPS mentoring programme. Successful completion of the 12-month mentoring programme will result in an interview with the carrier, subject to its hiring needs and requirements.

Selected future Ameriflight pilots will have the opportunity to complete the programme in 36 months, including a final 12 months in the mentoring stage. Current Ameriflight pilots who have the necessary experience and already meet the requirements may be selected to enter the final 12 month mentoring portion of the programme.

The first selection of Ameriflight pilots entering the Gateway Programme will be made in January 2018 and will consist of current Ameriflight pilots.

The programme was first launched in June this year.