R1 Airlines, based in Calgary, Canada, has selected Avsoft for its pilot training and, as such, will use its eLearning system for Dash 8 Q300 training with -100 differences as well as CRJ 200 pilot training.

Captain Lanny Benoit, R1 Airlines’ VP Operations, commented, “We are pleased to select Avsoft's eLearning system and Dash 8 and CRJ 200 courses due to its strong technical content and flexible course structure together with its General Subjects course library, and we look forward to working together to provide the most effective pilot training using their courses and training tools.”

R1 Airlines Ltd. aims to provide a new level of service, capacity and aviation expertise on a regional and international scale with convenience and comfort. It’s customised schedules, in-flight services and cargo capacity are tailored to the unique transportation needs of its passengers, and it has the world’s largest private fleet of Dash 8 and CRJ series aircraft at its disposal along with maintenance facilities located in strategic centres around the globe.

Elsewhere, Avsoft recently secured a contract with Kenya-based Jambojet.