Pictured (Left to right): Adi Silagy, Product Management Department Leader; and Barak Kirmayer, Customer Solutions & Delivery Department Leader

Britannica Knowledge Systems (Britannica), developer of the Fox Training Management System (Fox), is restructuring its business to enhance both its product and customer responsiveness following customer feedback from the Britannica Users Summit in November 2017.

A new Customer Solutions & Delivery (CS&D) department will merge two previously separate units, Project Management and Customer Solutions. It has been structured to support Britannica's new project management approach, which harnesses both customer expertise in their own businesses and Fox's aviation-focused processes and capabilities.

The CS&D department will be led by Barak Kirmayer, formerly Britannica's Program Management Director, and will be responsible for delivering full product solutions from initiation to delivery with shorter project durations.

Britannica's Product Management department will also undergo a fresh approach led by Adi Silagy, the company’s former Head of Customer Solutions who joined in 2007 and has also occupied the role of Chief Product Manager.

Leveraging Silagy's technical and industry knowledge, Britannica says the department will transform itself from a largely back-office function to a more dynamic customer-facing entity under which the Product Management team will work closely with customers to analyse their requirements and collect feedback on the high-level design. The aim is to create a new interactive community which allows customers to share best practices while Britannica increases its understanding of the market and customer needs for ongoing roadmap enhancements. This department will also regularly present customers with system upgrade and new functionality detail.

“The best way to improve our products is to stand in our customers' shoes, see their gaps and challenges, and understand where the industry is going from their perspective,” said Asher Dagan, Britannica's VP Product and Project Management. “We see this restructure as our new shoes for the next steps in the continuous product enhancement journey.”

Britannica's Fox system recently went live across ATR's five training centres.