one-G simulation is now offering more features as part of its Torrance 44 Augmented Training Platform (ATP) including Search And Rescue (SAR), Heads Up Display (HUD), Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR), tunnel-in-the-sky and longline and night vision goggle emulations.

CEO of one-G simulation, Xylon Saltzman, stated, “The Torrance 44 ATP is the ideal device on which to execute specific advanced skills training. Its virtual reality technology allows the pilot to experience a positive transfer of learning in each of the specific skills because the 360-degree field of view is equivalent to that of the actual aircraft.

“Our customers told us what they wanted in a helicopter training device, and we’re thrilled to be offering these additional features as options on new deliveries. Now the Torrance 44 goes well beyond being a fundamental trainer by additionally addressing the training needs of the advanced rotorcraft pilot.”

The device was officially launched in February 2018.