Avsoft has delivered a new Windshear course to a customer for pilot training which explores the important concepts, definitions, limitations, components, and procedures related to low level windshear.

Topics discussed on the course include associated weather features including thunderstorms and microbursts, associated terrain and ground structures, the effects of windshear on aircraft, windshear recognition and avoidance, weather reports, LLWAS, weather radar, precautions for take-off and approach, windshear recovery procedures and runway lighting and marking.

This course complies with EASA, FAA, ICAO, and Transport Canada regulations and provides pilots with over one hour of initial training. It concludes with an examination and, when successfully completed, a certificate of completion is generated. Customers have the option of customising the course to be suitable for periodic recurrent training.

The new course is one of several new General Subject courses Avsoft is developing to complement its existing aircraft systems course library and to meet the training needs of its customers. Another general subjects course recently launched by Avsoft covers ADS-B.