In its first sale to Latin America, Pacific Simulators (PACSIM) is to supply Bolivian Airlines (BOA) with a ProJet PS4.5 flight training device (FTD) to complement its recent Boeing 737 full flight simulator (FFS) acquisition.

BOA currently has a fleet of 22 aircraft, 16 of which are Boeing 737s. Previously, the carrier contracted its training out to other training providers, but now most of the training for its Boeing 737 fleet will be brought in-house at its new BOA Training Centre in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Alejandro Dorado, Head of BOA’s Training Centre, explains, “Over the last several years our fleet has been expanding and the next stage is to concentrate on training our own pilots. The PS4.5 is a fully tactile, fixed base training device that can be used in conjunction with the full motion simulator. We expect to see the FTD get a lot of use, including as part of the Multi Crew Pilot License training (MPL) and Multi Crew Co-Operation course (MCC) training that is offered to the cadet pilots at the training centre.”

Iain Pero, PACSIM’s Director of Sales and Marketing, says his company will work with Alejandro’s team over the coming months “to complete delivery and installation before mid-2018.”