Paul Cummings has joined Orlando-based ECS as Vice President of Innovation and Technology, bringing with him 20 years’ experience in computational analytics, training and simulation, data sciences and learning-based research. As a technical lead and researcher, Cummings developed key projects for the Army Research Laboratory, U.S. Navy Bremerton, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Army Leadership's Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback Program and U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command. He holds a master’s degree in computational science and is slated to complete his doctorate at George Mason University: Krasnow Institute in 2019.

Mick Golson, COO of ECS said: “Paul is highly respected in the simulation and training industry for his forward-thinking approach to solving training problems. The way he elevates a product or service by integrating creativity and metrics has become his trademark, and it fits so well with the ECS philosophy. We’re excited about what this will mean for our clients as we are all challenged to heighten availability and effectiveness of training.”

Cummings said: “ECS is ahead of the technology curve as it brings together instructional design, training, analytics and simulation technology. I look forward to supporting the transformation. Expect to see an enhancement of our existing blend of training services and product development. I believe we can deliver just-in-time training with measurable analytics like no one else. Clients want and need to understand the outcome of their training investments; our innovative approach to training will advance the way we train our future workforce, including the next generation of warfighter.”

Earlier this year, ECS expanded its US operations with a new office in Huntsville, Alabama.