Pictured (left to right): Scott Firsing, Americas Sales & Business Development, ALSIM; Dana Palmblad, VP Sales and Marketing, APS; Paul BJ Ransbury, President and CEO, APS; and Mike Tonkin, After Sales & Business Development Director, ALSIM

24-year-old flight simulator manufacturer Alsim launched its newest and largest flight training device to date, ‘The Airliner,’ at the 2018 World Airline Training Summit (WATS) in Orlando, Florida.

Developed for advanced airline pilot training programmes at high-end flight schools and training centres, The Airliner is a multi-purpose hybrid simulator with two configurations representative of Airbus and Boeing transport category aircraft, the airline industry’s most dominant fleets.

The company explained, “With the increasing industry pressure to produce airline pilots due to the growing global pilot shortage, airline pilots entering the market will likely be in the Airbus A320 and/or Boeing 737. Alsim hybrid technology meets that need, giving pilots representative experience in these two major fleet types and operational philosophies early in their careers. Moreover, the Alsim Airliner model improves pilot preparation for transport category type ratings and airline selection alike."

The Airliner was engineered in response to regulatory requirements, expert analysis and thousands of hours of customer feedback from ALX Medium Jet simulator operators. It provides medium and large Approved Training Organizations (ATOs) the ability to provide training including Advanced Pilot Standard Multi Crew Coordination (APS MCC), Jet Orientation Courses, Airline Selection (preparation and skill tests) and modernised Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).

The Airliner’s advanced UPRT capabilities are being developed in partnership with Aviation Performance Solutions (APS). An all-new APS-ALSIM UPRT IOS (Instructor Operating Station) provides an intuitive interface and will meet and exceed technical guidance issued by the ICAO Doc 10011: Manual on Aeroplane UPRT and the FAA’s National Simulator Program. It was designed to give the business jet and airline industry robust tools to economically address forthcoming UPRT mandates to ICAO member states in simulation.

Elsehwhere, Scotland's Tayside Aviation recently purchased an ALX simulator from Alsim.