The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has approved the new Airbus Flight Training A320 and A330 Type Rating programmes, for which the first Chinese trainees will start in August.

Already approved by EASA, this revised programme prioritises pilot competence acquisition. The main features of the new programme include the development and assessment of fundamental pilot competencies through competency-based teaching, grading and assessment; the reinforcement of basic flying skills through new training modules; shifting the focus from outcome of events towards understanding the underlying behaviours required for successful execution and the earlier introduction of manual handling in the full flight simulator.

The new A320 and A330 Type Rating and intermediate training modules incorporate the latest manufacturer modifications and meet the mandatory requirements for Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) and Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) training.

This approval results from the collaboration between ATC Beijing, Airbus Central Flight Training Organisation and the CAAC.