The LORD Corporation, a vibration, noise and motion control provider, received the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Part Manufacturer Approval (PMA) for its enhanced Main Driveshaft Transmission Boot for Bell 412HP and 412EP helicopters. The company says PMA parts can reduce aircraft-on-ground time and save customers 35 percent on maintenance costs compared to a new purchase from the original manufacturer.

LORD’s PMA Main Driveshaft Transmission Boot uses an elastomeric material that creates lubricant resistance on driveshaft coupling to extend part-life for more time in the air. The elastomer is integrated into the main driveshaft transmission boot and protects the driveshaft couplings from dirt, water, oil and other contaminants. It also maintains mechanical properties with minimal degradation at elevated temperatures, and features metal surface coatings for increased corrosion protection. LORD also includes a recycling option for part disposal.

The PMA program meets or exceeds the Bell Component Repair and Overhaul Maintenance Program’s suggested removal period of 1,200 hours.

The PMA part is available now.