The China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology (CASTC), the part of the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) that analyzes aviation incidents, renewed a CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System) and support contract for three years for the assistance it offers in analyzing the causes of aviation accidents and enhancing flight safety.

CEFA FAS translates flight data that shows each moment in an aircraft’s flight and provides a clear, precise image of the chain of events that occur during an incident or an accident. CEFA says that the support it offers helps organizations get the most out of the software in solving technical problems. The French company’s service assists companies in enriching the list of animated flight parameters, enhancing their flight animations and making updates linked to the evolution of aircraft recording frames.

The CASTC team says the software’s animated flight and flight parameter graphs helps the CASTC understand the root cause of incidents and saves time – and has been using CEFA FAS for five years.