ACCEL Flight Simulation (ACCEL) and Multi Pilot Simulations BV (MPS) announced at the 15th Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS) that they have teamed up in a strategic partnership to satisfy the increasing global demand of training product solutions by leveraging each of their pilot training strengths.

MPS says their agreement reinforces “ACCEL Market superiority position in Mainland China” and establishes “a framework of a long-term strategic relationship between MPS and ACCEL that brings entire simulation and training solutions to the market.”

General Manager of ACCEL, Scott Watson said this partnership is not just a milestone for both parties, it means much more to aircraft training cooperation’s globalization. “The strategic cooperation can be a significant model to leverage Asia and European aircraft training market.”

Philip Adrian, CEO of MPS, said, “Through this strategic partnership, MPS and ACCEL are able to serve the global training industry with high quality, type-specific Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 training devices. In the aviation training world, this partnership will allow airlines and training organizations to seamlessly utilize the MPS and ACCEL devices while benefiting from the flexibility and excellent customer-service orientation of both companies.”