Ryanair launched a training partnership with Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA) to deliver a 16-month Ryanair-AFTA Mentored Pilot Program that will ensure Ryanair continues to attract highly trained professional pilots to support its continued growth across Europe, and create 50 new jobs.

AFTA instructors will train students using Ryanair procedures, and will prepare them for their pilot license and give them access to Ryanair’s training applications and systems, and a path towards becoming Ryanair pilots, according to Managing Director at AFTA, Mark Casey.

The AFTA expects to recruit and train up to 450 new pilots over the next five years, during which time it expects to hire up to 1,000 pilots each year, says Ryanair’s Head of Crew Training, Captain Andy O’Shea

The online application for the Ryanair-AFTA Training Program is now open at http://www.afta.ie/ryanair.