Boeing and the National Science Foundation (NSF) entered a $21-million partnership to accelerate training in critical skill areas and increase diversity in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

NSF will partner with learning institutions to develop online training in areas including model-based and systems engineering, mechatronics, robotics, data science and sensor analytics, program management and artificial intelligence. The first project is expected to launch in 2019.

Boeing will fund $10-million dollars and NSF's Directorate for Education and Human Resources will invest $10-million in awards that are focused on reskilling and increasing the skill level of the U.S. STEM workforce.

Boeing will also give $1-million to the NSF INCLUDES initiative that works to enhance U.S. innovation leadership. NSF will use this funding to help increase the number of women in STEM fields and address the needs of women and veterans who are returning to the STEM workforce.