CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System) is a software that recreates flights based on the data coming from the aircraft's flight recorders, reproducing a view of the cockpit, the aircraft and its environment in 3D – among other features. It is already used by the safety and training departments of more than 80 airlines and aircraft accident investigation offices on five continents.

Now the safety department of the Mexican flagship air carrier, Aeromexico, chose to place its trust in CEFA Aviation to enhance its flight analysis.

“An important advantage of CEFA FAS is that it is very reactive and quick. Flight data animation allows us to recognize and analyze a lot more information about previous flights in a very short time. When we only look at graphs from our Flight Data

Monitoring system, it is difficult to see and interpret so (much) data at once. Now with CEFA FAS, we can (relive) the flight as if we were in the pilot’s skin and make sure not to miss any (details),” explains Captain Juan Carlos Gonzalez Curzio, SVP Flight Safety for Aeromexico.

CEFA FAS will animate the data coming from over 130 aircraft of Mexico’s global airline, as well as its regional airline, Aeromexico connect. The fleet consists of Boeing 787 Dreamliners, 737 jet airliners and next generation Embraer 170 and 190 models. All the cockpits of these different models are represented with details in the CEFA FAS software – and many more.

“CEFA FAS is strongly used on the American continent. Now we are happy to continue our mission: making the sky safer, by strengthening our presence in Latin America,” says Xavier Colognac, VP Sales at CEFA Aviation.

Dominique Mineo, CEO and founder of the company, to complete: “For 80 years, Aeromexico is being led by cutting-edge technology. This reflects CEFA Aviation’s calling as well: constant innovation and continuous improvement to meet customers’ (demands).”