Benefiting from the latest advances in non-invasive sensors and monitoring devices, HuMans, Thales’s Human Performance Monitoring solution is a new methodology and pedagogical tool that estimates pilots’ mental workload in real time and in an objective manner.

The tool is integrated into Thales’s renowned Reality H Full Flight Simulator: the simulator cockpit is equipped with cameras and sensors to monitor and record the simulation data, mission environment, audio communications, the trainee’s actions on flight controls and most importantly, the trainee’s gaze tracking. The data acquired during the exercise are synchronized, contextualized with the simulator data and with the progress of the flight mission, and finally processed through innovative and effective models.

HuMans is the result of years of research conducted by Thales with experts in neuroscience and medicine, high-level engineers and mathematicians.

HuMans’ tremendous added value lies in an objective evaluation of the trainee that can be used for real-time feedback during the training session, as well as detailed and objective inputs for debriefing purposes.

“There has been a long search for a shift in balance between the pure traditional “checking” and more objective assessment for effective training,” says Benoit Plantier, vice president of Training & Simulation at Thales. “With HuMans, an ‘Evidence Based Training’ tool, we are finally able to transform the way pilots are trained, in a way that’s entirely transparent and non-invasive.”