In an initiative designed to align APS MCC training with the latest ICAO developments in Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA), VA Airline Training is strengthening its AirlineReady APS MCC course with Competency Assurance in January 2019.

Competency Assurance provides a guarantee that any VA trainee who has not fully reached ‘competence’ in all required areas within the hours allocated for the course will receive additional training, without any further cost to either the trainee or any sponsoring airline. If a VA trainee is unable to achieve the required competencies for APS MCC despite their best endeavours during the additional training, they will receive a proportional refund of fees paid.

“ICAO and the global airline pilot training industry are working in partnership to align approved professional pilot training courses with the latest CBTA developments by 2020 - and we recognise the value and importance of aligning our APS MCC training with CBTA to improve trainee Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSAs),” said Anthony Petteford, executive director at VA.