Boeing Flight Services Training Center in Shanghai received Level D qualification for the TRU Simulation + Training 737 MAX full flight simulator (FFS) in October from the Civil Aviation Administration of China. This is the first 737 MAX FFS in China.

TRU delivered the second 737 MAX FFS to the Boeing Flight Services Training Center in London-Gatwick airport. The first device was updated and qualified to Level D by the Civil Aviation Authority in August.

Icelandair’s training center in Reykjavík received a TRU 737 MAX FFS, which is one of the first FFS of this aircraft type to be provided to the airline. The device received Level D qualification by the European Aviation Safety Agency, which covers upset recovery training, full stall training and icing maneuvers.

TRU and signed a contract with Shandong Airlines for two 737 MAX FFS. The first device is expected to be ready for training by end of 2019.

Oman Air signed a contract with TRU for a 737 MAX FFS. This will be the third FFS delivered to Oman Air.