Euramec chose Canada as a future sales and maintenance site for North America. Euramec NV will continue to develop advanced flight training devices for the global markets from the head office in Belgium. The company structure, however, is being adjusted to reflect the needs of customers.

Euramec will have operating facilities in the following regions: Euramec Belgium, headquarters and R&D; Hangzhou Euramec Aviation Technologies (HEAT), China-oriented R&D, sales & support division; Euramec Portugal (new), mechanical design and flight sim production; Euramec North America (planned), support sales and maintenance operations.

The company has started complementing its pilot training solutions with the distribution of third-party products catering to the same customer base.

Recently a partnership was struck with Skylegs to adapt and launch a China-centric edition of the Skylegs flying school management solution. From 2019 onwards, Euramec will also offer language training modules such as “English Proficiency for Aviation” in selected countries.