In September 2018, TRU Simulation + Training provided the first CL-415 Level D full flight simulator to Ansett Aviation’s training center in Milan, Italy. The device, a development program for TRU, was qualified to EASA Level D standards and ready for training in December 2018.

With recent wild fire emergencies in Europe and in the western United States, there has been an increased need for CL-415 pilots. The CL-415 with its water-bombing capabilities has provided necessary aid to firefighters on the ground. Training on the aircraft has traditionally been completed via live flying in the aircraft itself, creating a significant safety hazard.

TRU’s simulator-based training offers multiple benefits including reduced costs  increased safety, close simulator/instructor one-on-one experiences, less aircraft downtime and less maintenance downtime during fire season.

The FFS focuses on key requirements for training including four different shapes of fire, four types of intensity/level/ranks of forest fire, wind streaks in 3D dynamic waves and speed above 15 knots.

The FFS makes it possible to perform all real-life aircraft scenarios including water scooping, water landing and water take-off and taxiing.