Ryanair has partnered Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA) to recruit and train new pilots through a bespoke mentorship progamme. This partnership offers an opportunity for future pilots to join Ryanair through either an ab-initio cadet programme or Gateway programme.

The ab-initio mentored programme and Gateway programmes are exclusively offered at AFTA and facilitate potential cadets to join the Ryanair mentorship programme as ab-initio cadets with no previous flying experience or alternatively at three different entry points in their pilot training dependent on the level of previous experience the applicants have. During their training, all cadets will be trained by AFTA instructors using Ryanair standard operating procedures, so that on successful completion of training they will reach a standard where they are immediately ready to join the Ryanair Boeing 737 type-rating programme.

This partnership will ensure Ryanair has a pipeline of professionally trained EASA licensed pilots to support and sustain their future growth. Over the next five years up to 450 new pilots from all over Europe will be recruited and trained by Atlantic Flight Training Academy, giving them a clear path towards a long and successful career as a Ryanair pilot.