Alsim has entered a partnership with the first female Red Bull Air Race winner and French aerobatics champion, Mélanie Astles. Together with Astles, Alsim believes it can help in her training to win those few extra seconds required to stand out in this highly skilled, competitive sport.

Together with Astles, Alsim will develop a full-size replica of her aircraft, the Redbull Edge 540, also known as the Formula 1 of the skies. This exclusive simulator will be composed of a single-seat cockpit equipped with central flight stick, rudder and throttles as per the aircraft configuration. All primary flight controls will have an active control loading system, providing Astles with the same “cues” as her flying machine. Instruments and cockpit layout will also be accurately represented.

Alsim will also design a specific aerodynamic and performance model in partnership with Astles, to offer maximum fidelity and provide her with an efficient, competitive training device. The visual system will be based on Alsim's cylindrical screen with a 210-by-60-degree field of view to deliver the immersion required for extremely fast rides.

All race tracks will be fully replicated in the visual system with pylons, terrain elevation, buildings and the surrounding areas. The simulator will provide real and post-time flight data allowing Astles’ team to analyze her performance, help improve her skills, and ultimately master the circuit before each race.