Turkish Airlines has signed a contract with BAA Training for a cadet training program. BAA Training will deliver training to almost 300 cadets for the airline in three and a half years.

Since 2016 BAA Training has started six different cadet training programs and currently has over 250 students at its ab initio school. With the growing training capability needs, the company invested over €12-million into its training equipment and facilities in 2018. The ab initio school fleet was expanded by 40 percent and will continue increasing following the needs of Turkish Airlines. In addition, the flight base in Lleida Alguaire International airport was added to ensure all-year-round flight training. To fulfill global type rating aviation training needs, BAA Training extended its network of full flight simulators up to 105 units in 40 locations worldwide. Meanwhile this April the academy launched its first MPL training, which will be conducted in cooperation with Avion Express.