Ryanair has become the first airline in Europe to introduce CEFA Aviation’s cloud-based service CEFA AMS (Aviation Mobile Services).

At the EASA Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe conference in Brussels, Ray Conway, director of Flight Standards & chief pilot at Ryanair, said,  “The signing of this six-year agreement with CEFA Aviation marks the beginning of the next chapter in Ryanair pilot training. CEFA Aviation’s flight replay will set new standards for delivering constructive feedback to our crews in a way that would have been impossible to imagine without the innovative approach to secure data processing that has been delivered by CEFA Aviation’s team.”

Conway added, “We see the CEFA AMS flight replay facility as a natural progression to the existing operational and safety reporting tools already provided to Ryanair crews. Over the next 12 months we will monitor pilot performance based on an agreed set of KPI’s to ensure that our pilots not only deliver to the highest standards of safety and efficiency in the industry but set new standards of excellence for the years ahead.”

For Ryanair, it is essential to bring back flight data and make it understandable and easily accessible to its pilots. Access to data gives a strong and positive signal from the company as a real proof of confidence from the airline towards its pilots. With CEFA AMS, the airline wants pilots’ life-long learning to reach new heights and for this, aims at achieving three goals: strengthen pilot training efficiency; harmonize pilots’ skill levels as they join from airlines with different SOPs; and reduce time and costs spent in line training while always building and improving flight safety.

The CEFA AMS solution was launched with All Nippon Airways in March 2017.