Leading Edge Aviation, a new pilot training academy based at London Oxford Airport, is incorporating a wellness support programme within its integrated pilot training courses to help cadets get the most from their training while preparing them for the demanding career of an airline pilot.

Students on the Leading Edge Airline Preparation (LEAP) degree course will have access to wellbeing services provided by occupational health experts, Wellspace. As part of their commercial training course they will receive a broad range of training and support that covers the three areas of wellbeing: energy, activity and resilience.

LEAP students can use an interactive wellness app that syncs with their own wearable device and will receive a series of seminars on subjects such as sleep, nutrition, mindfulness and stress. One-to-one support from Wellspace's team of coaches, behaviour experts and medical practitioners will also be available, should students wish to make use of it.

This commitment to developing the whole pilot is an integral part of the philosophy behind the new academy, which prides itself on giving student pilots the best possible training experience. With small classes, individual mentoring, high-quality accommodation and a close-knit team, Leading Edge wants trainees to feel supported and empowered as they progress through training.