Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu, a hotel directly connected to Haneda Airport Domestic Line 2nd Passenger Terminal, in Tokyo, Japan, has installed a flight simulator imitating a Boeing 737-800 aircraft in a guest room called the “Superior Cockpit Room.” In December 2019, the first year of Riwa, the hotel will celebrate its 15th anniversary, and the room was created in an attempt to honor its guests.

In the new Superior Cockpit Room, guests can fly the simulator under the guidance of instructors who are familiar with the equipment, including a former captain who has actually experienced flying, by purchasing the Flight Simulator Experience Plan. The simulator can be booked for 30,000 yen for a period of 90 minutes, and the route includes a take-off and landing experience at the Haneda Airport-Itami Airport.

Guests can reserve the room for two people (twin beds) for 25,300 yen for one night in the Flight Simulator Atmosphere Experience Plan, which allows them to view the cockpit and enjoy the scenery of the simulator in flight through a transparent acrylic board. A movie of the route, which is displayed on the simulator’s visual system, includes the take-off and landing at Haneda Airport (day and night). Guests will not be able to touch the instruments or sit in the pilot’s seat in this plan.

Up until now, the Premier Flyers Room (formerly: Flyers Room), which has rooms facing the runway at Haneda Airport and a first class seat used for international flights in 2007, has been used by many aviation fans for many years.

Since the hotel began taking reservations for the Superior Cockpit Room in July, it has been booked almost every day and has continued to be reserved well into the month of August.