Norway’s Pilot Flight Academy (PFA) have agreed to purchase 10 electric training aircraft from the German manufacturer, Flight Design.

The EASA-certified aircraft, with Siemens engines, will be for commercial pilot training. When delivered in 2021, they will enable PFA to provide an all-electric MPL-pilot education using electric aircraft and simulators.

PFA’s CEO Frode Granlund said he was very proud to introduce an all-electric pilot education.

“Sustainability in aviation is very important and these new electric aircraft from Flight Design are perfect for pilot education. They have an endurance of up to 3.5 hours and can be used for both VFR and IFR training."

Granlund said Norway has long been moving towards electric vehicle use.

“In Norway, electricity is provided from renewable hydroelectric sources and more than 50% of all new cars sold are all-electric," he said. 

"In Norway we have learned to trust and believe in electric cars and also learned that the operating and maintenance costs are much lower on electric vehicles compared to traditional combustion engines."

Based at Sandefjord airport and Notodden airport, Pilot Flight Academy are one of Europe's largest flight trainers.

They employ over 60 full time instructors to teach more than 350 students.